Primary schools up and down the country are preparing their little Year 2’s for their SATS which will be taking place, usually, in May. Our daughter’s school have set their SATS week -w/c 14th May 2018.

This time last year (2017) KS1, year 1’s, were preparing for the phonics screening test. Now its test papers- eeeeeek!

Find out whats involved. Take some time and read up on whats expected. Print the old papers out and sit down and go through them. Practice makes perfect and shows them what is expected, and what they are working towards.

The tests include:-

The reading test is made up of:-

Paper 1 takes approximately 30 minutes although not strictly timed. the test consists of 20 questions (total of 20 marks) there are three pieces of texts to read and answer questions.

Paper 2- your child will be provided with a reading booklet consisting of 2 pieces of text to read. They will also be supplied with an answer booklet with 15 questions in (total of 20 marks)

2017 SATS can be found here if you wish to see what is expected of your child

The maths tests which is made up of:-


Arithmetic- The Arithmetic test (paper 1) takes approximately 20 minutes (although not strictly timed) It consists of 25 questions (Total of 25 marks)
No calculator/number square allowed.

Example question

Reasoning- The reasoning test (paper 2) takes approximately 35 minutes ( although not strictly timed) It consists of 31 questions (Total of 35 marks)
No calculators/number squares or tracing paper allowed.

Example question
Tom has four friends: Harry, Charlie, Bobby, and Daniel.
He gives ten pence to each friend.
How much money does he give altogether?

2017 SATS can be found here if you wish to see what is expected of your child

English Grammar, punctuation and spelling test- The spelling test (paper 1) consists of 20 questions (total of 20 marks). The paper is laid out like this

1- The snow ___________ the rooftops.

The teacher will read out the spelling and they write it in the gap. Usually takes around 15 minutes.

The English Grammar and Punctuation test (paper 2) is made up of tick boxes, tables, circling the answer, matching by drawing lines, and writing or inserting punctuation. It will take around 20 minutes although the guidelines stipulate it is not strictly timed. The test consists of 18 questions (total of 20 marks)

2017 SATS can be found here if you wish to see what is expected of your child

How are the tests marked?

The tests are marked internally usually by your child’s teacher or a member of staff familiar with your child. Tests are marked using the mark schemes that will be available to the school from Tuesday 1st May 2018.

The mark your child gets in each test is called the ‘raw score’ (out of 40 for Reading, out of 60 for Mathematics, out of 40 for Grammar, punctuation, and spelling). This ‘raw score’ for each test will be turned into a ‘scaled score’, which will determine how well your child has done against the expected standard. Your child ideally needs to achieve a scaled score of 100 to meet the “expected standard”. 100+ means they are surpassing the expected standard; below 100 means they are still working towards the expected standard.

Your child’s school are not obligated to announce test results to their local authority.
Unfortunately, schools are not required to report individual test results to parents/carers. However, parents must be allowed access to their child’s results on request.

Tell your child “Don’t Stress, Do your best, Forget the rest”

VeryMummy wishes your child the best of luck