Very Mummy is so excited to share with you all our book review of ‘James and the Birthday Balloon’ written by Nicola J Rowley. I was asked to write an honest review, in exchange for a free copy of the book.

I’d say the story is aimed at children aged 4+. Most children’s books have a moral of some sort, I liked the moral of this story.

During the birthday party, James and Ruby are given balloons by the birthday entertainer. But Ruby accidentally lets go of her balloon. She starts to chase after it, and trips over and injures her leg and needs to go to the hospital. Ruby is scared, this is a new experience for her. Will James make Ruby feel better?

It is a simple yet heartwarming story that teaches young children that an unexpected trip to the hospital doesn’t have to be a scary experience, it also teaches children about how small acts of kindness and the odd smile can go a long way and make people feel better.

The front cover grabs your attention and is beautifully illustrated, as are all the pages that follow. The illustrations are clear and easy to understand. They could almost tell the story on their own.

When you purchase ‘James and the birthday balloon’ you will also receive the audio version read by the fantastic Dr. Ranj who you may have seen on CBeebies on ‘Get Well Soon’, he is also the resident doctor on ITV’s This Morning. For every copy sold, £1 is going to raise vital funds to help support the amazing Evelina London Children’s Hospital. Eveline provides care and lifesaving treatment for children.

A must-have for your child’s bookshelf.