Generally, pregnancy cravings fall into one of four categories – sweet, sour, bitter and salty. However, there is also an exception to the rule and there are just some downright crazy cravings that pregnant women experience.

Food cravings are extremely common as many as 50-90% of pregnant women experience them and can begin as early as two to three weeks into your pregnancy.

I asked lots of parenting bloggers on the strangest cravings they experienced during pregnancy, and some are just too bizarre. How on earth can our bodies conjure up such a concoction… and think it’s going to be edible let alone make us crave it more and more??

Believe it or not, it actually comes down to science and it is our bodies way of telling us we are deficient in something that we need.

Petrol seemed to be coming out at the number one strangest craving. Jennii from Life with Three and Me described the smell of petrol as “just heaven”.

Erica from The Incidental Parent also said “I loved the smell of petrol, creosote etc. It was awful I HAD to smell it! I found some old solid beeswax furniture polish that satisfied it in the end. Better than driving down the road with my window down trying to sniff bus exhausts”

Kirsty didn’t just stop at petrol, she took it up a notch “It was all about the smells for me… bad for you smells: petrol, paint, glue, marker pens. I couldn’t get enough of it. I had to stay away from petrol stations because I couldn’t help myself but breathe deeply if I went.”

Sarah from Arthur Wears had a mixture of totally bizarre cravings including petrol “When I was pregnant. I wanted salty food, but oxo cubes were the weirdest thing. I used to sit and eat them 🙈 oh and the smell of petrol, soot, and coal when my iron levels dropped.

Petrol isn’t the only smell some of these mums craved. Lynne craved the smell of Bleach.

Laura had many scents she craved like “Cream cleaner (like cif), shake and vac and really cheap bubble bath and gel air fresheners. I often used to shake and not vac so I could just lie on the carpet and sniff away. I had a cheap air freshener I kept in my bedside drawer to sniff in bed and I cleaned my sink with cream cleaner several times a day!!

Some smells are more bearable to smell like Karen and her craving for “Olbas oil, I mean I carried it everywhere!”

For some mums to be it’s the textures. Hayley said “Ice when I was pregnant with my youngest – I used to sit and eat it by the bowl full”

Typically women who crave ice are anemic to some degree. Crunching down on ice can relieve inflammation inside the mouth and on the tongue which is a symptom of anemia.

Sarah loved sponges “As in bath sponges. I used to put them in the freezer and then bite on then (I didn’t eat them by the way). I just craved the texture and the crunch of the ice.”

Don’t you just want to sink your teeth into this sponge?

Craving sponges is a condition called Pica. Most pregnancy and pica related cravings involve non-food substances such as soil, sponges, chalk, clay and even plaster. The word pica is Latin for magpie which is a bird known for eating just about anything. Pica has been linked to being deficient in iron. Most are harmless but some non-food items can lead to health complications for you and your baby. If you experience Pica please talk to your GP or Midwife.

Some are just downright gross, but at the time they are the most amazing thing on earth.

Kate craved “Marmite and avocado on toast. Every day for months!”

Helen craved “Black Pudding!I remember breaking down crying in the butchers when the person in front of me bought the last one on Christmas Eve.”

Lyndsay took it up a level and her craving was “Quorn beef style burgers then smothered them in Nutella!”

Naomi and three other mums craved “soil. I was quite anemic both times and the craving did disappear once I was put on iron tablets. I would eat raw carrots and ice to help alleviate it too.”

Fancy a cold double cheeseburger from McDonald’s?? Kat did many times.

This one did make me laugh so much. Sareta from Kiki Blah Blah “had the urge to bite my other half’s elbows. His arm had to be straight so the skin was easier to bite. He let me do it a few times lol.” Oh and just for your information the “skin on your elbow is called your “Wenis”

Only a pregnant woman could do this. Claire remembers opening “the fridge once and there was an onion just sitting on the shelf taunting me. I was literally salivating at the thought of biting into that onion as if it was an apple.”

It’s an apple… honestly

Laura took her craving to the extreme and wore down her enamel from her craving for “Vinegar. Literally by the spoonful.”

Claire wanted nothing but “Pickles pickles pickles with my first! And with my second I wanted to eat sand, yip, sand – apparently, it’s normal when you’re so sick! I vomited every day till he was born.”

For Christy, it was those marvelous green things you call “Gherkins and Vanilla Milkshake to me. I’d eat a whole jar of gherkins whilst drinking a milkshake. It makes me cringe thinking about it now but at the time it was the best thing in the world!”

I experienced really boring cravings like cereal and freezing cold milk, and then it was Skips (crisps) literally bags and bags of them. Quite normal compared to these hilarious cravings.

So whatever your craving is, enjoy it, because quite literally it will be the best thing since sliced bread.

Images: Pixabay