Are you expecting a bundle of joy soon? Can you feel your baby move? How many times have you felt movement today?

Have you heard of Count the Kicks?

Count the Kicks is the UK registered charity that was founded in 2009 by Sophia Wyatt. Sophia tragically lost her baby following reduced movements. Sophia was and still is determined to educate pregnant women on the importance of fetal movements.  In 2016 the charity was renamed to Kicks Count.

Most pregnant women will usually begin to feel their baby move for the first time around 16-24 weeks. My first pregnancy I first felt my daughter at 24 weeks, my second pregnancy I first felt my daughter move at 19 weeks. Everyone is different. You should feel more and more movements until around 32/33 weeks, and then the movements you feel should stay the same until you deliver your baby.

KicksCount state “There is no set number of kicks you should be feeling, what is important is that you know what is normal for your individual baby. If you notice a decrease in your baby’s regular movement pattern contact your midwife”

Being aware of your baby’s movements can reduce a possible stillbirth. According to NHS England, “one in every 200 babies is stillborn in the UK” this is a very frightful statistic. Some mothers who experience a stillborn baby, recall reduced fetal movements in the days/hours before the event. So understanding your baby’s movement and patterns are crucial, and if there is any change at all in these patterns you MUST ring your maternity unit for advice. Even if you go in and everything is fine, and you still aren’t sure, ring again and get seen. Never worry about wasting their time. They would rather see you and check the baby over than deliver a stillborn baby. Don’t think what if I’m wrong, think WHAT IF IM RIGHT!

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Featured Images: Pixabay 

Image: Courtesy of KicksCount