Easter is egg-stremley close, and most of us, parents that is, are having 2 weeks off. It’s time to get thinking about it.

I’ve never been one for celebrating Easter. As a child, I received Easter eggs and cards but never really did Easter egg hunts or decorated the house like some people do these days. It’s like another holiday season now. Shops start prepping for Easter in the New Year. There’s bunting, eggs, pastel colours, flags, bonnets, buckets, chicks, eggs and rabbits everywhere.

Since having children I’ve never really gone out of my way either to celebrate it, but nowadays I’m starting to feel guilty, especially as my eldest is at school and all I get nowadays is ‘so and so did this, can I decorate a bonnet, can we go on an Easter egg hunt?’ You get the picture.

Sound familiar??

I think it may have something to do with the fact that the dates always change. We all know Halloween, Valentines and Christmas day won’t ever change. Yet every year Easter changes. Easter Sunday falls anywhere between 22nd March and 25th April depending on the year. Did you know, when Jesus died it is thought it was a full moon at the time. The church decided that they would use the 14th day of the lunar month (Paschal Full Moon) and then host Easter Sunday on the following Sunday. That’s why the dates vary each year.

This year I plan to do a few egg hunts, I’ve already started making a list of local places. I’ve bought a bonnet and a basket for my daughter to decorate prior to these egg hunts.

Here are a few Easter egg hunt ideas to make things a little easier if this is your first time like me.

1- Hide mini Easter eggs in your home/garden (foil wrapped for protection).
2- Invite friends over and see who can collect the most. A prize for the one who collects the most.
3- See what’s on locally. If you live near a national trust park they usually hold a few Easter egg hunt events over the holidays.
4- Glow in the dark Easter egg hunt- pop glow sticks in plastic Easter eggs. The child who collects the most wins a prize.
5- Easter pinata.
6-  Eggercise – Egg and spoon race. The winner receives an egg
7-  Eggercise – Sack race, dressed up with bunny ears. The winner receives an egg.
8- Easter egg IOU coupons- a great alternative to chocolate. Place IOU coupons inside plastic eggs ‘trip to the cinema’ ‘hour extra at bedtime’ your child can redeem these over the 2 weeks.
8- Place maths questions inside eggs, and they have to work the answer out before they get a mini egg for their basket.
9- Place a jigsaw piece in each egg, and once they have collected all the eggs, they then have to assemble the jigsaw to receive a prize.
10- Easter egg bath- EGG-cellent sensory activity. Can use bubbles, bath goo, shaving foam… Search for the egg (set a specific colour). I will be doing this with my youngest daughter (18 months).

Easter doesn’t have to be about tonnes of chocolate and sugar. Just try and have fun. You’ve got 2 weeks to fill after all.

Happy Easter x