As a child, I don’t really remember appreciating nature? Do you? Since having children I have come to appreciate it. Nature truly is beautiful and we are so very lucky.

Nature can be enjoyed in all seasons. Nature needs no embellishment. Go for a walk and watch your child’s imagination and curiosity take over.

These are our top 10 things to do on a nature walk with our 2 children

  • Cloud spotting whilst having a picnic (see what animals, shapes you can see in the clouds)
  • Go on a bear hunt
  • Spot the animal tracks (you may see paw prints, deer prints, hoof prints….if your feeling adventurous take casts of the tracks)
  • I Spy flowers (print a list of flower names with photos aswell as see how many you can find)
  • Look for spider webs (Study the intricate designs of spider webs)
  • Look for wildlife (same as the I spy flower game)
  • Find sticks (take a basket/bucket and fill it with sticks, twigs, stones, leafs, flowers, moss and create a collage)
  • Go on a mini beast hunt (lift up logs and see what bugs you can find. Why not bring a magnifying glass ith you so you can get really close)
  • Observational drawing (take a pad of paper and some pencils and get drawing)
  • Tree bark sketches (take a pad of paper, and some wax crayons. Lay the paper on the bark of a tree and gently rub with the wax crayon, and see what bark patterns you can make)

Of course, there are many other things you can enjoy. If none of the above takes your fancy why not try: puddle jumping, leaf rubbings, skip stones on water, climb a tree, press flowers, make perfume from flower petals, make a den, create a natural obstacle course, get lost and use a compass to find your way back, conker picking, blackberry picking, Try a nature walk at dusk,  or simply close your eyes and see how many sounds you can hear.

You certainly won’t be stuck for ideas when you’re at one with nature. I highly recommend getting a National Trust membership, for even more beautiful places to visit. There are some absolutely amazing gardens, and woods to explore.

Have fun