Brrrrrrrr its cold. The Beast from the East is truly upon us now, and the screams and laughter of snow days can be heard and seen in every town.
Already there have been a number of deaths related to the wintery storm Emma. Which is so sad.

Extreme cold weather can cause huge health problems, people are at an increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, flu, pneumonia, asthma attacks, not to mention the obvious falls and injuries that come with the ice and snow. MOST IMPORTANTLY HYPERTHERMIA.

Anyone is at risk, but there are certain people who are at an increased risk. Take extra care if you fall into one of these groups; Aged 65+, Low income and can’t afford to heat, you have a long-term health condition, disabled people/children, pregnant women, children, and people who suffer from mental illnesses.

Here are a few things you can do to keep warm and safe

Out and about

– Do not make unnecessary journeys
– If you do need to go out then take; a hot drink in a large thermal flask, coats, blankets- duvets are a good one, gloves, hats for every member in your car, high energy food, foil blanket, de-icer, ice scraper, full tank of fuel, torch and any essential medication in case you become stranded.
– Keep a scarf and hat on at all times- Asthmatic people are being encouraged to wear scarves over their mouths and noses this winter as experts say breathing in cold air can increase their risk of an attack. A hat stops body heat escaping.
– Carry your mobile phone at all times, and ideally a charger.
– Inflate your tyres- worn tyres and slightly deflated tyres have the opposite effect.
– Always let someone know you’re going out and what route you plan to take, try to keep people updated.
– Follow the MET Office for weather warnings and updates

Inside the home

– Keep the layers on- cotton, wool or fleece will help trap in body heat.
– Wear socks and slippers.
– Place foil-covered cardboard behind your radiators- heat your house, not your walls.
– Draught proof the house where possible- doors and windows are the main escape routes for heat.
– Close the curtains
– Leave the oven door open once the dinner is cooked.
– Stay as active as possible- exercise will help you keep warm
– Turn the heating up – a thermostat is best set at 18-21 degrees.
– Sleep under a 15 tog duvet
– Invest in an electric blanket if you afford too – if not a hot water bottle or a microwaveable bean bag will keep you toasty.
– Drink hot drinks regularly, and consume hot meals, these will help you keep warm.

Keep warm, Keep safe x