Last year Pokemon Go was the latest craze getting people¬† outside exploring in the fresh air. Now there’s a new craze sweeping the nation- rock hunting. This is a perfect all year round outdoor activity for the whole family.

My eldest daughter who is nearly 7, enjoys hunting for rocks, and we have found a few. She now loves to go on bike rides, and walks around National Trust parks, and well known dog walking routes just so she can be in with a chance of finding some.

Two rocks we found

For those who do not have scooby doo what rock hunting is, I promise you it is fun. You do not need an app for this, so can be completely screen free, however at the end you can record your rock finding on Facebook groups if you choose too.

Rock hunting is a such a simple and beautiful game. People up and down the country have used their spare time to paint rocks with positive messages on, and some of the artwork is very beautiful. The idea is to find these rocks, post a pic on Facebook groups (depending on your location of the rock- ie: Bournemouth Rocks) and then rehide for someone else to find.

If you want to join in the fun you can create your own beautiful rocks for children to find. Some people use a hashtag to track their rocks. Rocks have ended up abroad and even travelling across continents. Rocking hunting is for everyone, there is no upper age limit.

Guide to creating your own beautiful rocks

Smooth stones work best, and can be brought from garden centres. I don’t recommend stealing from a public beach it is frowned upon and if you are caught you could end up with a hefty fine. Most people use acrylic paints, as it dries quickly it is also slighty water resistance, and doesn’t fade easily in the sun. Do not stick googly eyes, foam or glitter on the rocks and these are attractive to wildlife and could cause harm. Once painted, dont forget to write on the back of the stone which rock hunting group you belong too. Something like this would be great.

Finally, use a exterior varnish to seal the colours in and leave for 24 hours to ensure it has cured. Then hide.

Happy Rock Hunting.