D-day is fast approaching and it’s time to start getting your hospital bag prepared. I had 2 bags as I found it easier. “Mummy bag and a Baby Bag”. Most people have them ready by 34/35 weeks, as we all know babies come when they are ready. My two daughters arrived 37+4 and 38+2 so it’s a good job I was ready.

Here is what I took in my “Mummy Bag”-
1) 2 Nighties/PJs (one for birthing and another one for post delivery)

2) BIG knickers (ideally not baggy ones as they need to support the weight of the maternity pad after)

3) Socks- It’s surprising how the rush of adrenaline during labour and the shock of delivery can make you have icy feet, and feel cold in general.

4) Your Pillow (just for comfort really)

5) Lip Balm is a must, I find hospital air can be very drying for our lips and skin. Don’t forget your toiletries (tooth Paste, toothbrush/hairbrush/hair bobbles/deodorant/shampoo/flannel)

6) Snacks/money/drinks (you need all the energy you can get)

7) Breast pads and maternity pads. I recommend a pack of each.

8)Maternity/nursing Bra

9) Loose clothing for going home in

10) Slippers (Hospital floors are gross)

11) Antibacterial wipes – I had to share a bathroom

12) *Highly recommend* peppermint tea – After I had my first daughter via emergency section I had some awful trapped wind in my chest/shoulder area, I thought I was going to die from a blood clot in my lung. The nurse sent me to CT and it turned out to be trapped wind HAHA, she kindly offered me some peppermint tea and it quickly relieved the pain.

13) Lavender oil for a calming environment *Highly recommend*

14) Magazine/books/tens machine/phone charger and a camera are all additional things you may need/want.


What to pack in your “Baby Bag”-

1) Pack of nappies- it’s better to have too many than not enough
2) 3 baby vests
3) 3 sleep suits
4) Hat
5) Blanket(s) depending on the season
6) Bottles if you plan to formula feed, and your chosen formula
7) Wipes/Cotton wool balls
8) Changing mat
9) Car seat (upon leaving the hospital)
10) Dummy if you plan to use one for your baby
11) 3 bibs/3muslins
12) Comforter- if you plan to have one from birth
13) Socks
14) Snowsuit/coat/cardigan (depending on the season)
15) Scratch Mittens

Don’t get to hung up on this bag, chances are the hospital will have most things/partner’s/relatives/friends can always bring in additional items

If you have any tips and advice let us know or things you wish you had known prior, we can update/add to our lists.

Featured Image: Pixabay