You may have heard of push presents being given to mums after giving birth. If you haven’t then let me tell you. Its come from America, and now the brits are getting are wanting push presents. It is where hubby or your partner buys you a present for literally pushing the baby out. C section mums get one too, they go through just as much if not more to get their baby out. I have experienced both, a section and then a VBAC and from my personal experience, I would definitely have another VBAC any day over a cesarean.

Yet I didn’t receive a push present. To be honest neither of us had heard of them before.

So what is a push present?

Traditionally mums receive a nice piece of jewelry. although this isn’t always the case. Recently Kylie Jenner has been spotted in her push present- a $1.4 Million Black Ferrari La Ferrari.
Kim Kardashian posted a wishlist of push presents and then received a $1 million Lorraine Schwartz choker that she had her eye on.

Pink received a custom motorbike after pushing out her son Jameson. Blac Chyna received a Rolls Royce, Meanwhile, Ashlee Simpson received a Chanel Cross-body bag.
Even Prince William surprised his wife, Kate, with a charming teddy bear from Harrods. Gifts can be as extravagant as you want, depending on your budget and if you’re into the whole push present idea.

I asked some bloggers on their opinions on push parents and if they received one.

Becky says ” I got a lovely hug and I remember it vividly really deep and strong and proud of me from my OH it was all I needed”

Jessica “I didn’t get anything from my husband but my In-Laws got me a gorgeous necklace with this inscription – ‘Congratulations on the grand entrance of a new life into the world. These two sterling silver hearts (one bathed in 18 ct gold) represent you and your little one and the beginning of a lifelong bond. Wear them often and think of the wonderful adventures ahead for both of you’.”

Susan “Each to their own but tbh I cringe at the term “push present”. Unnecessary American hype which has made its way over here. I was lucky enough to get a healthy baby and that was more than enough for me. Six years down the line things are a lot harder now than the pushing actually was, I’ll take my “present” in days away, hugs and fun times with my boys.

Maria received ” a spa break at Centre Parcs Spa Suites booked for after my 6 weeks check up! It was some much needed RnR – even though in the end I didn’t push as I had an EMCS after a 34-hour labour”

Jennifer loved the fact her husband brought her ” a crusty baguette and some goats cheese for when I got home as I’d missed it a lot while I was pregnant! ”

Collete didn’t receive anything after all her hard work ” I got absolutely nothing off my OH, but kind of think I should have, especially as babies number 3 and 4 were twins!” 

Bella says ” I personally feel they’re a bit shallow. You’ve just been given the most amazing present you could ever get in your life, yet that isn’t enough? If anything I felt a bit sorry for my husband as he will never get to experience the miracle of childbirth or breastfeeding. Maybe dads should get a ‘push present’ instead?” I actually agree with you on this on Bella.

So it seems it is not as common over in the UK, regardless of if you receive a push present or not, you both have received the best gift of all – 18 years+ of pure joy 😉

Featured Image: Pixabay