It’s official it’s sports day season, and up and down the country schools are preparing for the big day. Thousands of children are practicing for the variety of races they will be participating in.

Finally, this year’s sports day is announced for our daughter’s school. I don’t know about you, but I immediately pray that the weather will be ok. Dry weather will do, not too hot like the heatwave we have just experienced, I don’t think I’d survive sat on the school play field all day in the blistering 33-degree heat. Having said that I don’t think the kids would either, I couldn’t think of anything worse than running or participating in a sack race in that sort of insane heat. Same goes for rain, but I guess the school would cancel and rearrange, luckily my daughter’s school always have a backup sports day date.

Secondly, once I have pondered over the weather, I dig out her greens sports day t-shirt.
“Green is mean like you’ve never seen so don’t go messing with the mean green team” just a little rhyme that I learned from my school days, instantly goes around my head whilst I reminisce my sports days.

I’m all for competitiveness, children need to strive to win and try their best, and they also need to learn to lose gracefully. Although taking part and working together as a team is just as beneficial to children.

Most school sports days are done in teams, the team who win races earn points for their team and ultimately the team with the most points win sports day. So it’s not individually based which is good.

I have a fantastic group of mummy friends in my daughter’s year, and we all sit together at sports day, and it makes the day so much more enjoyable having good company. We cheer each other’s children on and take lots of photos. At lunchtime the children join us for a picnic, and we have lots of delicious food to share.

Last year was great fun, and I’m hoping this year will be even better.

Here are a few tips for parents-

1- Dress for the weather and not for Ascot.

2- Wear trainers just in case you want to participate in any parent’s races.

3- Bring a picnic blanket (you don’t want to be sat on sticky grass or even worse an ants nest.)

4- Don’t forget the camera and spare batteries/portable charger.

5- Bring plenty of food and refreshing drinks. Healthy snacks for in between races will give more energy than unhealthy snacks. Keep yourself and your child hydrated.

6- Spare change is a must, most schools usually hold raffles, BBQs, drink tents, tombolas etc… After all, it’s all for the PTA and all money raised goes back to the school.

7- An umbrella just in case of a shower or two, or some much-needed shade.

8- Suncream, it’s quite easy to catch the sun on an exposed field. Last year even though cloudy and a slightly chilly wind, the sun popped out on and off all day. I had caught the sun across my cheeks. Needless to say, I learned my lesson.

9- Wet wipes and hair ties- last year my daughter must have lost about 5 hair ties whilst running, skipping and crawling under the nets. Her hair became a big sweaty mess. So this year I plan to bring serveral hair ties.

10- Celebrate, take photos and make memories

Finally a note please don’t forget to develop their growth mindset.

Clear their minds of I can’t and fill it with I can!