There are many myths surrounding head lice/nits. Here are some interesting facts I have learnt.

1- Head lice do NOT jump
2- Nits are actually the egg cases. Head lice are the insects
3- 95% of all infestations are picked up at school
4- Average lifespan of a head louse is 30 days providing it is on a host (Scalp)
5- Headlice survive on human blood
6- 1 female louse can lay between 5—150 eggs in her life
7- Headlice can be found on eyelashes and even eyebrows



8- Headlice can move pretty quickly too- approx. 23cm in 1 minute if they want to
9- Headlice interbreed but their genetics are designed to protect them against any adverse effects
10- Headlice do NOT care for clean, dirty, short or long hair- they aren’t fussy.



Are you itching yet?

Featured Image: Pixabay